German The German schools recognized three major forms of cut: Oberhau (over cuts) downward diagonal or vertical, Unterhau (under cuts) upward or rising, and Zwerchhau or Mittelhau, (crosscuts) horizontal right-to-left and horizontal left-to-right. Diagonal cuts were Zornhau and vertical were Scheitelhau. There were several names for various specific individual cuts such as: Streithau (the “battle cut”), Schielhau (the "squinting cut"), Scheitelhau (vertical "scalp cut"). Variations included others such as Krumphau (crooked cut), Schrankhut and Zornhau again ("rage cut"), draw cuts and slicing pulls were usually known as Schnitt. Italian masters recognized the eight basic cuts which were formalized in early renaissance systems : vertical down (Fendente), vertical up (Montante), horizontal (Tonda), plus diagonal descending (Squalembrato) and diagonal rising (Ridoppio) which could be made from the left (Roversi) or from the right (Mandritti) and Vater Streich (the “father strike”). draw cuts and slicing pulls were usually known as Schnitt. The grand master Johannes Liechtenauer distinguished five principal cuts: Zornhau (“rage cut” or “strike of wrath”), made diagonally from behind the right shoulder; Krumphau (“twisted” or “crooked” cut), made downwards with the false edge, and effected with crossed or twisted wrists; Zwerchhau (horizontal side cut); the Schielhau (“squinting cut”), made downwards with the false edge at the enemy’s shoulder or neck; and Scheittelhau (the “crown cut” or “parting strike”), made vertically downwards and literally aimed at the crown of the head. See Segno cuts. Sigmund Ringeck (c. 1440) refers Liechtenauer’s cuts as the “five strikes”. Meyer calls all blows delivered with the true edge “straight blows”.

Medieval glossary. 2014.

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